My name is Maggie Gram, and I'm a designer in Washington, DC.

I help organizations design simple and elegant products and user experiences that solve user problems and meet business goals.

Some recent projects include:

Our client, a major global neutraceutical company, wondered how a digital therapeutic might enable weight maintenance—the most difficult of weight-related challenges—among patients who have been obese. Through journey-driven product strategy, iterative prototyping and testing, and business model innovation, my team defined an engaging long-term weight maintenance product to fill the “maintenance gap” in the obesity care market.

To a patient, home health care can be radically disconnected and disorienting: only the patient herself is passing information between her care providers. We worked with our client, the leading player in the home health care management space, to design a collaborative care coordination platform tailored for home health context. Our platform connects the whole care team to a single, actionable patient record; provides standardized, customizable care plans; and integrates remote monitoring devices.

Our client, one of the world's largest hotel companies, acquired another major hospitality company. Achieving technical integration—without losing the people who create the customer experience—was their greatest challenge in bringing the two together. My team worked to define a user-centric methodology for integrating, from listening to front desk managers in Borneo and revenue managers in Cape Town to defining changes to systems and experiences that would make key differences for these new users.

A major advocacy organization had rich content around the topic of family caregiving—but little strategy and no effective way to present that content. We built out a strategy roadmap and backlog, created a content strategy, carried out user research, created a user-centric information architecture, prototyped iteratively and rapidly, and designed a measurement program. Our client's new caregiving platform will launch this fall to connect caregivers to resources they need.

Our client, a major global pharmaceutical company's "innovation unit," needed to differentiate a new oncology drug before it entered a crowded and competitive marketplace. Through patient-journey-driven product strategy, we defined a new product to improve patient outcomes in oncology: a connected wearable temperature monitor, with a care management ecosystem, that would be packaged with the new drug, would address a major patient need, and had a viable business model. Pilot partner identification, planning, and early prototyping are currently underway.

I work at Slalom, a technology consultancy based in Seattle.

I have also been a community organizer and communications director for New York State's ACLU; a visiting professor at Wash. U. in St. Louis; a joint postdoc at the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society's metaLAB; and a senior manager of UX at the digital health consultancy Medullan. I have a Ph.D. in cultural history from Harvard's English department.

I like to write, on the internet and elsewhere.

I'm on Twitter and Instagram, and I am reachable by email.